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🔭 Vision: Learning Sanctuary for New Ideas, Methods, and Tools of Digital Civilization

X-lab resources are open to everyone and available at [official website] under OSS Licence and CC-BY 4.0 Licence. We encourage people to share their knowledge and help to grow this community by adding their contributions to the different X-lab initiatives such as:

1️⃣ OpenDigger

(Data-oriented Open-source Projects)Here

As the core project of open-source ecosystem data analysis, OpenDigger is responsible for storing and implementing all data, metrics, models, algorithms, and related to open-source measurement. It becomes a consensus-driven implementation standard toolkit. Currently, the OpenDigger project is incubated and nurtured under the Mulan community and serves various organizations including the Mulan community, OpenAtom, internet enterprises, COSS enterprises, investment institutions, media, and others.

2️⃣ Hypercrx

(Plugin Application-oriented Open-source Projects)Here

Hypercrx is a browser plugin in the category of data services, providing rich community-operational data services for every open-source community on GitHub, helping them to thrive and sustainably develop.[download🔥]

3️⃣ OpenResearch

(Academic Research-oriented Open-source Projects)Here

OpenResearch is positioned as an open academic research project, generating research methods, tools, and content through an open-source approach. It utilizes open-source methods to study open-source phenomena.

More open-source creative projects:[click here]