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External Project

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Harmalysis: A Language for the Annotation of Roman Numerals in Symbolic Music Representations

A grammar for encoding roman numeral analysis annotations within the lyrics of a symbolic music representation.

Do-Re-Myth: An Ear Training Game

Do-Re-Myth is an ear training game developed by Yuval Adler and Néstor Nápoles López, funded through a CIRMMT Student Award in 2019.

Key-Finding Based on a Hidden Markov Model and Key Profiles

A new key detection algorithm that works in the symbolic and audio domain, furthermore, it is able to output local and global keys.

The Effects of Translation Between Symbolic Music Formats: A Case Study with Humdrum, Lilypond, MEI, and MusicXML

What happens when you translate between different symbolic music formats?

Musical Tic-Tac-Toe

A music-based game mechanic based where players compete to complete cadences.

Dandelot - Reading Music as a Game

Dandelot is a computer game that trains your skills for reading music in the treble, bass, and alto clefs.

Encoding Matters

Examples of encoding discrepancies that have been introduced either during the encoding of the symbolic music files or during the translation of the original file into other symbolic formats.